A Few Suggestions On How To Get Free TV

If you're like many people, you subscribed to a cable company in order to get any type of reception from your TV. What if we told you that there is a better method on how you could get free tv at a fraction of the cost, would you be interested? Well the good news is that you can.  Continue to read on to learn how you can set up free TV with some additional hardware. For many of us, the only way we are able to get channels to view, is if we have a cable subscription package. However, with the rising cost to get these tv channels, many consumers are now having to give them up to save cash. Well we discovered that many of those stations that we have been paying for we could actually get them for free with our antenna, and high definition television set. Now before you think that you have to get a bulky Antenna, let us assure you that with today's modern technology devices you can get a stylish type with advanced features built into them. We all know that the FCC made it mandatory to switch over to an all digital transmission for television viewing broadcast companies. The good news about this switch over is now you can get a better clear more precise picture quality, with less interference. While there are several models in the market place in, which you can select from we are going to mention 3 that seem to do the job properly. One device called Mohu Curve can get you up to 60 over the air channels. You simply plug it into the coaxial port in the back of your high definition television, and let it scan how many over the air channels your viewing area can locate. For those that don't mind a larger type of Antenna we would suggest you take a look at the Clearstream 2. This model can easily pick up signals within a 50 mile range, and if you can set it near a window like we did you might even be able to get in the PBS stations, and your local Chinese and Spanish broadcast channels without any issues. Keep in mind, that all the major network channels are now being broadcasted in high definition. Now while you can save some cash by getting free TV, for many people they worry what about their family movie night options? We got a better solution for that, pay for a subscription to either Hulu Plus, or Netflex then stream your movies that way. Your cost is going to be well lower than many of what the cable packages currently charge, and with Netflex they also have plenty of series that you can catch up on too. Now we do need to mention that your still going to need your cable provider company like Comcast in order to provide you with your internet service. Without that service your not going to be able to stream any movies off of the Netflex or Hulu Plus networks. The good news is, that you will still be able to cut out the cable channels your currently paying for, and thus watch your overall bill for the year shrink. In addition, for those that have a gaming console like the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, or the Sony Playstation 3 & 4, you already have the built in hardware with these devices that are required for you to get any of the on demand program stations. Nonetheless, another model we forgot to mention earlier is going to be the Roku, and they have several antenna models to select from too.  Pretty much all the streaming hardware should work in the same manner, with the only exception being the cost, and perhaps the entire range of signal that it picks up. For those that are sports fans, we are sorry to report that your still going to have to pay for these channels with your cable provider for now at least. Keep in mind, that many over the air stations can still broadcast sports games like the Olympics, NBA Finals, and even the Super Bowl. Nevertheless, if you do cut Cable TV, you can still get a paid subscription from either using Apple TV, or the Roku model antenna boxes that we mentioned earlier, but they could defeat the sole purpose on switching to this approach to save on cash as they are costly. When it comes to ways on how to get free tv, for many consumers they might still be confused if its even possible. However, we hope that by reading this article here today, it has helped our viewers to see that there are more options readily available to them. Finally, while this approach will help those consumers who are looking for better ways to enjoy their TV without the high cost, there still will be some licensing restrictions to keep in mind, but overall we strongly would suggest you test this option out for yourself to see if it will meet your own specific TV viewing needs.
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